Paintings by RCAA artist featured in Vigo library’s March virtual exhibition

Leaving the Nest by Mary Mayhew

Six examples of what inspires Mary Mayhew to paint are showcased in the Vigo County Public Library’s March artists exhibition on its YouTube site.

Mayhew, River City Art Association’s artist of the month, is featured in the video presentation due to the coronavirus pandemic prohibiting in-person displays at the library.

The Terre Haute artist said she finds satisfaction in capturing on canvas the beauty she sees in nature, people, and their relationships.

“Drawing and painting help me to more fully see and know a subject,” she explained. “The more I study a subject the more there is to notice about it. A seemingly simple object such as a flower or an eye has so many intricacies and subtleties that are missed with the casual glance. Representing that object in paint makes me stop long enough to appreciate its depth and beauty.”

What’s Up, Duck by Mary Mayhew

Mayhew said she also is inspired by light and color.

“I am fascinated by the effects of light; how it changes colors, reveals forms and directs our view,” she added. “I take pleasure in the beauty of colors; how they mix and merge, how they influence one another and how they influence people.”

Although British by birth, Mayhew has lived in Terre Haute for 21 years. She trained as an optometrist in England, but put that aside to raise and home-educate her eight children. During that time, she referenced books and videos on painting. She currently takes lessons from portrait artist Kari Rajkumar of Paris, Illinois.

“I feel fortunate to be at a stage of life where I am able to spend more time painting,” Mayhew said, adding that her grandchildren are among the beautiful people who inspire her to create.

Artwork by Mary Mayhew

“I thoroughly enjoy the painting process and find it fulfilling to create my own personal record of the world I live in.”

Although Mayhew refers to herself as an amateur artist, she has won awards at RCAA exhibitions, and one of her paintings was selected for Swope Art Museum’s 76th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition in 2020.

For information on purchases or commissions, contact Mayhew through her website at For membership in the Terre Haute-based artist association, visit


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