Artisans Richard and Edith Acton featured in May at Community Theatre of Terre Haute

Clay wall hanging by Richard Acton

Through May 21, visitors to the Community Theatre of Terre Haute will get a double treat. 

The Community Theatre actors are putting on another excellent show and Terre Haute artisans Richard and Edith Acton are displaying their artwork in the lobby of the theater at 25th and Washington streets. 

A newcomer to art, Richard is displaying some of his newer pieces made of clay and wire.  Edith is sharing her husband’s spotlight by showing an assortment of fused glass wall hangings.

The two artists have been quite active participating in numerous shows in the Terre Haute area since the beginning of 2017.

The clay wall hanging featured here is one of Richard’s pieces also featured in May in Harrison College at Terre Haute.


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