Birding is a popular pastime

The Valley Life section of Sunday, March 27’s Tribune-Star has an article about RCAA member Marty L. Jones and the Wabash Valley Audubon Society.

TERRE HAUTE — Look! Up in the sky! It’s a plane … It’s Superman … No! It’s a BIRD! That backward statement from the old Superman TV show may sound a little “off” — but it’s very appropriate for the bird watchers in the Wabash Valley as they excitedly look to the skies over Indiana in hopes of viewing some of the 414 different species of birds that have been documented in this state alone.

“Birding” has become a very popular pastime for many, according to Marty Jones, president of the Wabash Valley Audubon Society. Jones has made a name for himself among birders as a well-known bird photographer since he started looking to the skies and photographing birds about six years ago. His chance sighting and photography of a Bullock Oriole in southern Indiana got him interested in birds. The bright and beautiful orange, black and white coloring made for interesting photography, but he later discovered the Bullock Oriole is a bird of the open woodland of the American West and normally a complete stranger to Indiana. This out-of-place bird made him delve deeper into the “whys” and “hows” of birds, and soon photographing them became a passion.

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