Richard Acton RCAA’s April Artist of the Month at Vigo library

“Reflection,” by Richard Acton

Creations made of clay will be on display throughout April in the Vigo County Public Library at Terre Haute.  The wall hangings have been handcrafted by Richard Acton, River City Art Association’s featured Artist of the Month.

Three children, eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren and a career kept the Terre Haute native very busy; therefore, with little time to pursue artistic interests. 
During the past three years he has started to have an interest in pottery.  To gain knowledge in pottery there were three classes at John Campbell’s Folk Art School in North Carolina and a class at Indiana State University.  A master’s degree in Industrial Arts Education aided in the ability to create and construct the artwork of choice.

“Evergreen,” by Richard Acton

Artist’s statement: Pottery is one of the oldest continuously practiced art forms known to man.  It has been found in every civilization, all over the world, in one form or another.  It has numerous functional  purposes but an artist is able to find innovative ways to make decorative, eye-appealing art work for office or home décor.  Inspiration for ideas can be found just about anywhere in the world.  Whether you are traveling, going to an art museum, looking through books, or simply going through day-to-day activities there is a multitude of ideas for creating your art.  Good and bad designs are methods of learning what to continue or what to stop incorporating into your designs.  A major lesson to learn is that working with clay is to accept that you will always be a beginner.  Remember it is only clay, a plentiful and recyclable medium to work with as you continue to experiment and learn.

Richard’s artwork will be featured again in May in River City Art Association’s Outreach Gallery in Harrison College at Terre Haute.


RCAA membership is open to any Indiana or Illinois artist age 18 and older.

The next meeting is set for 6 p.m. April 11 in The Golden Frame at 509 E. Voorhees St. Regularly scheduled meetings will resume on the second Tuesday of the month in the Vigo County Public Library in May.

For more information call vice president Todd Stokes at 812-232-0048 or visit


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