RCAA members featured in Rose-Hulman’s 2016 Fall Exhibition

Triangles, fused glass by Edith Acton

Triangles, fused glass by Edith Acton

The 2016 Fall Exhibition at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology features River City Art Association members Edith Acton of Terre Haute and Spencer Young of Clinton, and Edward Gillum of Paris, Ill.

An artist reception is set for 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, on the first and second floors of Moench Hall. All artists will be in attendance. Refreshments provided.

Fractal art titled Holy Man by Spencer Young

Fractal art titled Holy Man by Spencer Young

“It’s great to have such a diverse show in terms of artistic medium and method,” said Christy Brinkman-Robertson, art curator at Rose-Hulman. “Each artist has been inspired in some way to work in their craft, and they delight in sharing a bit about where that comes from.”

Edith Acton, fused glass artist, said “Inspiration for the pieces that are created comes from trips all over the world. A new interesting color combination, an architectural structure, a view of a special countryside, or something a person might be doing will spark an idea that will become a particular wall hanging.”

Acton’s work is featured on the second floor of Moench Hall.

Gristmill, Fowler Park, Indiana by Edward Gillum

Gristmill, Fowler Park, Indiana by Edward Gillum

Edward Gillum, whose work resembles that of his mentor, the late Ansel Adams, turned from color photography to black and white because the medium gave him more control over the negative and print, Brinkman-Robertson said.

“It was really Ansel Adams’ work that turned me to black and white photography,” Gillum said. “When I first met Ansel on the beach in Carmel, California in the early 1970’s, and later saw some of his original prints at his home, a whole new interest in photography was created that excited me very much. I was so inspired by his approach to the medium that there was no doubt that, with control and visualization, black and white could be superior to any other form.”

A retrospective of Edward Gillum’s photography filled the walls at Rose-Hulman in 2008 , Brinkman-Robertson said. Currently, his black and white photographic works are on display on the first floor of Moench Hall.

Spencer Young recently exhibited some colorful computer assisted drawings at Rose-Hulman before his newest creation of “fractal art,” Brinkman-Robertson said. Six of those CADs are still on display in Crapo Hall on the third floor.

“You may have also noticed his name with his rock photography in Olin Hall on the first and second floors,” she added.

“Young has a range of interests, to say the least, and he has recently been using computer programs to make abstract, artistic imagery. Most often his titles lend themselves to objects or figures that he finds within the works after creation.”

Young’s fractal art is on display on the second floor of Crapo Hall.


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