New opportunities for RCAA artists to show their work

News from RCAA president:

Hello, I have some great news! Through the efforts of RCAA vice president Mike Bender we (RCAA) have a new “Artist of the Month” Gallery located in the dining area of Sycamore Manor at 25th and Ohio in Terre Haute. There’s room for 4 to 5 pieces plus a bio. We have yet to set up a schedule but it’s available immediately, so please e-mail me if you are interested in getting this started.

Also, we can start displaying at Harrison College on Indiana 46 near Hulman Street. As mentioned at our last meeting they have allowed us to install our own hanging system, the one that we used at The Landing, which gives us 16 feet of uninterrupted wall space to fill. We installed the system this afternoon. I’ve been asked to attend a pre-term meeting on July 2nd to say a few words about our group, who wants to go with me?

These are two great opportunities to get our artwork “out there” and show the community that we are serious artists!

~ Todd Stokes

About Sheila T Illustrated

I love my God, my country, my family, my job, time with friends, sitcoms and photography. I like crowds, walking in falling snow or summer rain, chocolate, wine tastings, weekend campfires, and travel by plane, train, tour bus and automobile.
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