Salute the Gourd, Nature’s Pottery

Salute the Gourd, Nature’s Pottery
By Ruthann Brady

While the gourd has many uses dating back to prehistoric times, modern man uses the gourd as a 3D canvas.  The ones on display at the Vigo County Public Library at 7th and Poplar streets are the creation of artist James Dugger.

Gourds, considered one of nature’s best gifts to mankind, have been used for storing supplies, hauling water, making cooking and eating utensils, musical instruments, bird feeders, bird houses, rattles, and some for food.  They have to be harvested before frost as a frost will usually damage the gourd causing it to rot rather than dry. After about two months of drying the gourd is ready to clean and use.  James Dugger first Pryor engraved with carving added to some and finished by dying or painting. The motif used is Dugger’s conception of Native American Antiquities. The display includes a bowl, dipper, medicine rattle, water bottles and vases.

After retiring from General Motors, Dugger returned to his passion for painting. He took lessons learning wet on wet oil painting for one year, then studied under Sharon King at her Gosport, Indiana studio for four years. Dugger has painted professionally for fifteen years. James Dugger is a member of River City Art Association, Inc.

Also, held over from June is the exhibit by artist Peter Bruning. You may learn more by visiting or call (812) 235 5759. To see more art by RCAA members check out the exhibit at the Landing at 3340 N 4th street. The first Tuesday of every month is “Meet the Artist” night at 5 pm. Member’s art is also on display at Ed and Kathy Cook Photography, Number 7 Lower level Meadows.


About RiverCityArt

A non-profit organization based in Terre Haute, Indiana, that promotes, supports and enhances an appreciation of the visual arts in the Wabash Valley through art exhibits, demonstrations, seminars, workshops, and any and all other appropriate means. Membership open to artists age 18 and older.
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