‘River City Express’ theme of shelter display for Christmas in the Park


River City Express

This is the 7th year River City Art Association has decorated a shelter for the annual Christmas in the Park event in Deming Park at Terre Haute. The River City Express stopped at the train station at The North Pole and can be viewed through Jan. 1.


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Miniature paintings by RCAA artist featured in Vigo library’s virtual gallery

Reflection by Elise Spaid-Roberts

The Vigo County Public Library in Terre Haute currently features artist Elise Spaid-Roberts in a virtual gallery on its Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library is unable to display River City Art Association’s December Artist of the Month in the lobby of the main branch at Seventh and Poplar streets.

“I have been making tiny paintings the past couple years,” Elise says in her artist statement.


Dark Skies by Elise Spaid-Roberts

“Painting on coins and equally small pieces is a technical and physical challenge for me. There’s no room for a shaky hand. Painting has always served as a way to center my thoughts, but small work brings focus to a maximum level. I have to be aware of how physically relaxed I am when painting as well. It’s easier said than done, but the time it takes serves as a wonderful moment of relief. Painting is a bit of escapism for me. Landscapes as a subject offer a reprieve from the chaos in the rest of the world. I’m also fascinated by extreme weather and enjoy painting clouds.
I still occasionally work in larger sizes like 5×7 and more traditional sizes. I think painting in miniature is something I’ll be doing for a while.”
Find Elise at www.leafpileart.com

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RCAA artists’ work selected for Swope Art Museum’s 76th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition

“The Old Engineer,” David Gill’s purchase award at Swope

Artwork by River City Art Association members David Gill, Valeria Funk and Mary Mayhew will be featured Nov. 6 through Jan. 10 in Swope Art Museum’s 76th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition.

1st Place Painting, What Now, by David Gill at RCAA 12th Annual Exhibition

Congrats to all 3 and special kudos to David V. Gill of Clay City, Indiana, for one of his two pieces selected for the exhibition receiving the Nancy Jones Purchase Award! In August, “The Old Engineer” received Best of Show at RCAA’s 12th Annual Juried Exhibition! “What Now,” also selected for the Swope exhibition, received First Place in the Painting category at RCAA’s 12th Annual.

1stPlaceMixed Media,RCAA 12th Annual Juried Exhibition, ValerieFunk,Dream Pray Scream

Valerie’s “Dream Pray Scream” was selected for the exhibition in the second floor galleries of the museum at 25 S. Seventh St., Terre Haute, Indiana.

The lenticular-style quilt depicting works by Van Gogh,  Michelangelo and Munch received First Place in the Mixed Media category at RCAA’s 12th Annual Juried Exhibition in August 2020. The fabric and threads piece includes images of The Starry Night, the Creation of Adam and The Scream.

All In It Together-Mary Mayhew-Oil, 22 x 28

Mary’s “All In It Together,” also was an award-winning entry in RCAA’s 12th Annual Juried Exhibition in August 2020. The oil collage featuring nine portraits received Third Place honors in the Painting category.

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RCAA November Artist of the Month to be showcased on Vigo County Public Library YouTube channel

“The Gathering Place,” an oil painting by Lynne Dunnavant in 2020 Crow Show at Arts Illiana

Lynne Dunnavant of Parke County, Indiana, is River City Art Association’s November Artist of the Month to be featured by the Vigo County Public Library in a virtual gallery on its Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library is unable to display artwork in its Artist of the Month gallery space in the lobby of the main branch in Terre Haute.

“The Gathering Place” by Lynne was selected for the 2020 Crow Show at Arts Illiana Gallery in Terre Haute. In addition, the image of this oil painting is featured on the cover of “This Old World,” the latest book released by Parke County author Mike Lunsford.

Lynne Dunnavant

The Rosedale artist has always had a love for art and is self-taught. “I painted some during my working years, and now full time since my retirement in 2018. I paint with watercolors, oil, and also do pen and ink. My work includes rural landscapes, old barns and bridges, flowers, and anything unusual or old and antique looking. I have done several portraits for family and friends and have been busy doing commissioned work on a regular basis. Art is so enjoyable for me and I hope to improve and expand my talent in a much bigger way in the coming year. I participate in plein air events in Indiana when I can fit them in my schedule.”

Lynne’s memberships include Wabash Valley Art Guild, and Swope in Terre Haute, Indiana, Covered Bridge Art Association, Rockville, Indiana, Oil Painters of America and Indiana Plein Air Painters Association.

Derelict Will Not Fall by Lynne Dunnavant, Arts Illiana People’s Choice Award, “small art” 2019-2020 show

Lynne has exhibited artwork and won numerous awards, including Peoples Choice Award at Arts Illiana, 2nd place at Spring Art Show for the WVAG, Best of Show at Covered Bridge Art Gallery. Best of Show at Little Italy Festival art exhibit. Best of Show, 2nd place and purchase award at several plein air events throughout Indiana.

“I recently was chosen as one of the artists to participate in the Construction Fence Mural Project for the new convention center in Terre Haute.”

Lynne also has published a book of her work, “Lynne Dunnavant Fine Art Collection,” that is available on Amazon.

“My husband Lance is my biggest encourager. Eric, my son, Christen, my daughter, Steve, my son-in-law, and grandchildren, Noah, Abram, and Elle are all big supporters of my artwork. I am thankful to God for this gift that I enjoy so much.”

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RCAA’s ‘River Life’ show opens Oct. 17 with Gaslight Art Colony Facebook Live presentation

“River Life” is the theme of a River City Art Association membership show opening Oct. 17 with a virtual presentation at 5 p.m. CDT on the Facebook page of Gaslight Art Colony in Marshall, Illinois.

The theme embraces words by Leonardo da Vinci, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. and Henry David Thoreau in their interpretation and expression of a river’s importance and influence on everyday life.

“A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure,” said Supreme Court Justice Holmes in a dispute over water rights. “It offers a necessity of life that must be rationed among those who have power over it.”

Holmes often connected the theme of nature to human relations and social teachings. Da Vinci described water as “the driving force” in nature. Thoreau, the naturalist, was concerned by the physical effects on the landscape left by water. Immersing himself in nature, a more philosophical Thoreau wrote, “The life in us is like the water in a river.”

Sunflower Bliss by Valerie Funk

River City Art Association was named in 2008 for its connection to the Wabash River, the treasure in Terre Haute that has inspired other poets, authors and visionaries to tell their life stories through song, the printed word and works of art.

More than a necessity, water is often the driving force in an artist’s nature to paint a picture of life and the metaphorical rivers and streams that run through it.

Influenced by the life source of the Wabash Valley as well as the undercurrents in their everyday existence, RCAA’s Indiana and Illinois artists interpret and transfer thoughts, emotions and vision to a painting, drawing, photograph or other medium.

To create their personal treasures, RCAA members use pastels, Conte crayon, pen and ink, charcoal, oils, acrylics, wood, glass, clay, threads, fibers, metals, paper and digital techniques.

Flood of Emotions by Sheila K. Ter Meer

Each medium breathes renewed life into the many colorful landscapes, life-like portraits, detailed carvings, fine line etchings, abstracts and still life to be featured in RCAA’s show through Nov. 14 in the Gaslight Art Colony gallery.

Artists include Edith Acton, Richard Acton, Bob DeFrance, Sandy Fisher, Valerie Funk, Christel Gutelius, Monty “Indiana” Jones, Eloise Lovell, Mary Mayhew, Dian Der Ohanian Phillips, Alice Pine, Todd Stokes, Sheila K. Ter Meer, Thomas Wright and Jo Rich-Vadas. Their artwork can be purchased  by visiting gaslightartcolony.com.

In-person visits to the GAC gallery at 516 Archer Ave. will be limited to two at a time from 9 a.m. to noon Illinois time Wednesdays and Thursdays and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, or by appointment, through December.

— Post by Sheila K. Ter Meer, RCAA secretary

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RCAA October Artist of the Month to be showcased on Vigo County Public Library YouTube channel

Footbridge by Dian Der Ohanian Phillips

Dian Der Ohanian Phillips is River City Art Association’s October Artist of the Month to be featured by the Vigo County Public Library in a virtual gallery on its Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library is unable to display artwork in its Artist of the Month gallery space in the lobby of the main branch in Terre Haute.

Dian  works primarily in watercolor, acrylic and oils. Her paintings and her black and white photography is strongly influenced by nature and rural scenes.

Autumn Dreamscape by Dian Der Ohanian Phillips

“It’s the season of colorful autumn leaves, drives through the country – over the river and through the woods – pumpkins, hayrides, bonfires and country festivals,” says Dian in her artist statement for the virtual slideshow presentation. “These paintings reflect the season with images of colorful fall leaves and rural farm scenes, and I hope you enjoy them.”

Dian has always been an artist and was influenced and encouraged by her father, who was a gifted painter. Growing up in New Albany, Indiana, she took every elective art class in middle and high school, and took Saturday morning art classes at the University of Louisville. Also during that time (and long before online courses), she began correspondence course work with Art Instruction Schools. That foundation course in drawing, painting and commercial art gave her the skills to be hired in an art department immediately after high school graduation.

 A scholarship student at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Dian received a B.F.A. in visual communications. Her foundation courses included fine art and photography (where she learned darkroom skills). She completed a Masters program at Indiana University, and did additional post-graduate work at Boston University. While at Herron, she studied painting with professors Harry A. Davis, Edmund Brucker, Robert Berkshire and Sarah Burns.

Dian was a graphic designer/art director for the majority of her professional life. Her career began when layouts were created on a drawing board using the tools of the trade: x-acto knives, rubber cement, ruling pens and acetate overlays. Twenty years later, she transitioned from drawing board to Macintosh computers. Her photography also transitioned from film/darkrooms to digital cameras. She continued her fine art pursuits during those years by taking drawing and painting classes. After retiring, Dian began painting again full time. She has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in the Midwest and has received awards for her painting and photography. Her art is in private collections throughout the United States.

 Contact Dian at art_2_art@yahoo.com
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New photographic works by RCAA artist featured in Vigo library’s virtual presentation

Standing Strong by Thomas Wright

Thomas Wright is River City Art Association’s September Artist of the Month to be featured by the Vigo County Public Library in a virtual gallery on its Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library is unable to display artwork in its Artist of the Month gallery space in the lobby of the main branch in Terre Haute.

Greene to Chrome by Thomas Wright

The virtual presentation created by the library includes new work not previously displayed by Wright: “Angel Oak”, “White Altered”, “Green to Chrome”, “Standing Strong”, “Rest Stop”,  and “Abandoned Pier”.

The two car images “White Altered” and “Green to Chrome” are part of Wright’s ever growing Definitive Car Series. This series is a concentration of the different lines, curves and parts of older cars that provide the onlooker with the information needed to identify the car. Most cars of today look much the same unlike the cars of yesterday which tend to have a personality and their own definitive look.
“Angel Oak” is an image of one of America’s oldest living trees. It stands in Angel Oak Park near Charleston, South Carolina. It is thought by some to be near 1500 years old but is more likely around 500 years of age. It is 65 feet tall and 28 feet in circumference. It provides 17,000 square feet of shade and the longest branch is 187 feet long. Truly, Angel Oak is a magnificent tree for all to enjoy.
Wright’s artist statement is “Life is too short, preserve its memories in a photo as tomorrow is never promised”
Wright, born and raised in Terre Haute, had a fascination for photography and art at a young age. He was always drawing or taking photographs. After saving enough of his hard earned money, he bought his first “real” camera from Galloway Photo Shops.
While attending Terre Haute South Vigo High School, he became the lead photographer for the yearbook. He also continued to sharpen his skills behind the camera and became a sales associate at Galloway Photo.
After working at Galloway Photo for awhile, Wright was promoted to run the black and white photo finishing and copy lab. He continued to work for Galloway Photo for close to six years before taking a job at Sony DADC, where he was a printer for almost 32 years.
Wright left factory work due to health reasons and now concentrates on his photography. Wright prints all of his work himself at home whether for an art exhibit or personal everyday use. He uses high quality professional papers and inks specializing in metallic and pearl based papers. Using these specific professional metallic and pearl papers, the final images are produced with a truly realistic look and have a much more vibrant color reproduction to the final print in comparison to a normal matte, semi-gloss, or glossy surface print.
Wright has received several placement awards through the years entering his artwork in photography contests by TREES Inc. and in  the professional open class Fine Arts Department at the Vigo County Fair.
In 2018 Wright became an active member of River City Art Association and Wabash Valley Art Guild and has entered many juried exhibitions and art shows promoted by the two groups. Wright received a first place award on his titled piece “Vertical Limits” at the 2018 WVAG Spring Fling show at Clabber Girl as well as an honorable mention on his titled piece “Frosted”. He received a second place on his titled piece “Blue to Chrome” at the 2018 Terre Haute First National Bank sponsored River City Summer art exhibit. In 2019 he received an honorable mention on his titled piece “Golden Reflections” in the Clabber Girl WVAG exhibit. He received a second place award on his titled piece “Golden Reflections” at the 2019 River City summer exhibit at Terre Haute First National bank.
Most recent Wright received first place top honors on his titled piece “Reflective Past” at the 2019 Midwest Photography Show that was on exhibit at the Link Art Gallery in Paris, Illinois.
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